Join us to learn more about Session Initiation Protocol, Kali linux, Python programming language, Asterisk PBX, and our mission to periodically pentest SIP for vulnerabilities.

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Installing AsteriskNOW on Oracle VirtualBox

In this tutorial, we will first visit and find out what AsteriskNOW is and how it is different than traditional Asterisk installations. We will download an AsteriskNOW ISO image to use as a virtual CD. With this ISO image and Oracle VirtualBox, we will create an AsteriskNOW PBX instance. We will go over the the installation and how to login to the GUI via a web browser.

Installing Kali Linux on Oracle VirtualBox

In this tutorial, we start with downloading the Oracle VirtualBox application and Kali linux virtual machine files. After the files are downloaded, we install Oracle VirtualBox first and add the Kali linux instance. Next, we update/upgrade the Kali instances, take a snapshot and properly shutdown the virtual machine.

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Installing Python in Kali Linux

In this quick-tip, we note that Kali Linux comes with Python installed by default, compare 2.x and 3.x Python releases, and demonstrate how to install Python in Kali Linux, which would be used for upgrading as well.

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